He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Life Slowly Returns to normal

Wow.   What a week.    Things are slowly returning to normal.   I'm still a bit stressed but I'll get over it.   We will get by.   John has spent this week getting things organized for the business and ready for next weeks Salute to Red White and Blue.   Hopefully there we will sell enough stuff and get enough contacts to get the business rolling.   If we can get the business going good then he wouldn't have to find a new job.   But we will see.

My work has calmed down.    I'm still worried there are layoffs coming but why worry.   I've got Sabbatical (8-weeks pay) and vacation still so I could find another job just not at the rate I'm making now.  

On a bad note.   I was talking to the next door neighbor who has their house for sale (same house as us).   They have reduced it to 410k and she was saying last night that it looks like they are loosing it to forclosure.   They have 3 brand new cars a harley and she lost her job.   My only concern is if it goes to foreclosure what kind of person will pick it up.   But once again I have no control over it so why worry.

Also i've posted a ton (and am still posting) pictures from Yellowstone on my flickr account (it's really slow while I'm uploading).

See the pretty bison.
Tags: life, pretty pictures, stress, work

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