He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Feeling better.

Don't know what it is but this week has been hell.   It's been one Monday after another.    But it seems to be better.   My anxiety has calmed down and I"m able to relax a little.   

I bought a Vinyl Cutter while we were in Idaho, so I'm going to start making Vinyl Stickers and Signs.   I've spent a lot of the week finding supplies and getting the machine and software set up.   I want to get a bunch done this weekend so I have some to sell on the 4th of July.   I got a cool Red, White and Blue ribbon I'm going to make and sell.

Thinks are quite crazy at work again.   Talks of Layoffs.    Part of that was what put me on edge this week.   But I've realized I can't control it so don't worry about it.

Really looking forward to the weekend even though I plan on working on business stuff for the Fourth.

I have a million pictures I need to get uploaded too.   Some great pictures from Yellowstone.

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