He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

In Idaho Falls.

Sitting in my hotel room in Idaho Falls.   Sliding Glass Door is open and can hear the rushing of the falls.   Yesterday we went to Yellowstone and it was so beautiful.   I've taken hundreds of pictures and will get them posted when I get back.   We went to Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls on Sunday just on a whim and it was quite beautiful.   The picture in my previous post was from the Snake River right near where Evil Kinevil tried to jump it back in the 70's.   Well I'm tired and am going to bed.   Hope all is well.   I posted a pic from Old Fatefull but it didn't go through.   I'll try and post it again.

In the last 4 days we have been in California, Nevada, Idaho, Monatana, and Wyoming.   On the way home I think we'll go through Utah just to make it the most states I've ever hit at one time.

Tags: idaho

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