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Weekend Update

Friday after work we had the car packed and headed to Guerneville.   We stopped about 8pm for dinner somewhere near petaluma for really bad chineese food.  The place was called Amy's, avoid it if in the area.   we got to Guernevill Right around 9pm and pretty much just went to bed.  We watched TV then fell asleep.   We stayed at West Sonoma Inn which for 179 a night I've stayed in much nicer places.   But given it was a last minute thing I guess we can't be too picky.   The room was nice except for a few misshaps.  Giant Spider and overflowing toilet.

Saturday we went down to Jenner and wandered the beach.   We saw baby seals at the entrance to the Russian River.   It was really cool.   We went back to the hotel and then wandered the town until we found the Pizza Parlor and had dinner.   Same place we ate at 7 years ago but now it's run by lesbians.   

Sunday we headed to Bodega Bay for the day.    Then we spent some time around the Pool just Reading.  I spent a lot of time reading and playing my PSP.

Pictures posted at here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzface/

Still have more to post later.

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