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Heros - My take on the season finale

Well I have to say I'm going to go home and watch it again tonight. I caught about 10 of the episodes during the marathon on SciFi.

If you haven't seen it read no more if you don't want to be spoiled.

The Good.
Peter Rocks. I have to say at first I didn't care for his character but he has really turned out to be a great character. I don't think he's dead. Remember Ted was never hurt by his own power. And I don't think anybody wanted to shoot him because previously they said if Ted was shot he might just explode anyway. They clearly stated that the only way to prevent him from exploding was to kill him. They were quite specific that it had to be the spot in the back of the head that Claire new from her previous death. And was that a little of Nikki's power he used to wallop Sylar?

Hiro. How did he get control of his power so quickly? Damn. But it was awesome to see him pop in and stab Sylar.

Claire. Wow. Hayden is one of the best new actresses in a long time. Her emotion when she thought she was going to have to kill Peter was great. But you also knew she was resolved to do it if she had to.

HRG. Noah. Well he has a first name. And what's with all the biblical names? Noah, Matt, Peter, Micah, Nathan. Definetly a good character. I really love the way he told Peter to take care of his daughter.

Nikki. So glad to get the Jessica/Nikki thing taken care of. I now wonder if the split personality wasn't actually seperate from the powers. And walloping Sylar with the parking meter. Just so great. And when she gave Candace a beat down I almost cheered.

Matt. Damn he is one of my new crushes. I had to stop today and watch his video on weightwatchers.com. What a cutie. Well unfortunatly I'm thinking his character needs some work.

Mohinder. You know what I don't care about him. He makes the wrong choices and whines way too much. He can be the first sacrafice next year as far as I care.

The Bad.
Grandma Petrelli. What a bitch. Well I guess we know who used their powers for self advantage. I really wonder what happened to her husband. Suicide my ass.

Linderman. Yeah it was last week but it was awsome to see D.L. reach in to the "SPOT" (how did he know about it?) and kill him.

Candace. Loved Niki kicking her butt. Why did she revert back to Candace and not the overweight black woman she eluded to? Maybe she has been that form for so long she now has it as a default form. I heard from Tim Kring that if you watch last weeks episode you notice that when she hugs someone there is a lot of space in betwen them. Must watch for that when I rewatch it.

Sylar. Well I have to say he is crush number too. He is just so damn sexy. I don't think he's dead. I want him to be. But I just don't think he is. And what is with the cockroaches. We saw them in his Cell and then on the manhole cover? Is this foreshadowing?

The Ugly.
Who are we kidding. There are no ugly people in this show. Maybe Robertson or papa Nakamura but really don't you think there are ugly or disabled Heroes? I'm just saying.

Over all it was a B+. But given that they wanted to close everything out I think they did a good job.

I have to say that I am amazed at the intricate details in this show. But I want to know where the Haitian is. And where is Hannah? (Oh that's right she's on her way to space I got an email from her). I really think that was Hiro's dad in the armour. Well I pre-orded the DVD's from Amazon today so now I can look forward to all the extras.

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