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Oh yeah. Monday.

Good weekend.   Busy but good.

Saturday I took the dog to the Vet for her checkup.   John went up to help his sister move.   She is moving back in with her parents.  Yes, D.I.V.O.R.C.E., well just a seperation at this point but we will see.   So when I got back from the vet I rode the motorcycle up to his parents house, taking the long way around.   Nice long ride, but of course I forgot sunscreen and ended up with both my arms sunburned.   

Sunday I got up and went to the store and got the makings for Lasagna.   I made it at home and then at 2:30 (after John's nap) we headed over to my sister's house where I cooked it.   Mom, Dad and the rest of the family were there.   It was a nice dinner without any major issues.

We headed home about 6:30 and had to work on some T-Shirts that needed to be printed by today.


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