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Happy National Scrapbooking day!

Well after hearing bad things about Spiderman 3 we decided against it last night.   So we decided to go see Blades of Glory instead.   OMFG such a funny movie.   It's scary we have seen two good movies in a row now.    THat is like a record for us.   I think I still want to see Spiderman but I'll wait till I can go to a matinee.

We went to Panda Express and then delivered a banner a friend had ordered.   We then came home and just caught up on watching the View and then Painkiller Jane.

Today is National Scrapbooking day.   I have to head out to scrapbook addict to check out the goings on.   Also I need to get working on Mothers Day cards cause that's next week.

Tags: scrap booking cards mothers day

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