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The Weekend, Work, and Good Reading

Was a excellent weekend.   We didn't do much of anything but a lot of nothing.  Saturday we went to the Arts festival in Elk Grove.   It was a small event with 20-30 local artists and craftspeople.   I found the best book.   When I first walked past this One Nation Under God I ignored it thinking it was another regligous book (there was a lot of them!).   But when I saw it compared to 1984 I went back and looked.   I chatted with the guy, a big bearish man, and he was really sharp.   One of his dedications is to The Open Book, the now defuct gay and lesbian book store here in sacramento.   Anyway the book is mostly a series of Emails, websites and diary entries that carry the story.   I'm about 1/4 of the way through and although it is set in 2012 the similarties to todays politics are scary.

Have a meeting with someone looking to get some shirts done for their team here at work.  Tonight we are meeting with some friends that bought an embroidery machine so that we can figure out some type of mutually benificial program to get them shirts at wholesale and them to do small quantities for us.

Oh, and being woke up at 4am by a wrong number, not a good start to a day.

Well back to work.

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