He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

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Bullets cause that's all I have time for.

  • Busy week.   Work sorta sucks.   But is getting better.
  • Printed 35 Wine glass this week and have to deliver them Friday
  • Another customer wants Business cards done and is being tottally a pain in the ass which is anoying as we are not making ANY money on them, just doing them as a favor in hopes we'll get other business
  • Work was sending me to Amsterdam next week.  Then budget cuts happened.  Glenn not happy.   I could have turned the 2 day business trip into a short vacation.
  • Money bad.   I am way too far in debt.   Thinking second job possiblilty. 
  • Review time at work so I should know if I'm getting a raise.
  • Sabbatical postponed till next year.   I can take 8 weeks off, I just can't afford to do anything.
  • Back to work.   I now have unfiltered internet access in my cube so I can post from work again without big brother watching.


Oh and I so want to be naked on a beach right now!


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