He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

all time high is my all time low

Started Weight Watchers today. I have reached a new all time high for my weight. I am a life time member of weight watchers and have been at goal weight twice. This time I'm going to do it again. Was pretty good today. Had a salad at Wendys then Chicken for dinner.

Bessie at weight watchers said you should write down 25 things everyday you are thankfull for so here goes.
1. mom and dad
2. john
3. friends
4. freedom
5. sunshine
6. beer
7. chocolate
8. men
9. the internet
10. furry men
11. leather
12. hats
13. jockstraps
14. firemen
15. cops
16. my penis
17. masturbation
18. sex
19. blow jobs (somehow I don't think the weight watchers lady saw it going this way)
20. bears
21. cubs
22. otters
23. armpits
24. furry butts
25. foreskin

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