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An ode to fourty four

Well yes it is my birthday.   I went to lunch with a couple friends from work.   Scored a couple birthday cards.   While at lunch one of my friends said he was looking at my Amazon wish list to get ideas and I kinda paniced as there are some not so work safe things on there.  Oh well Ce La Vie.   Tonight I'm going to dinner with my sister.   My mom hasn't been feeling well (blood pressure at 212/110 - real bad) so they are going to take me out this weekend.   John safely arrived in Disneyland today.   He has classes starting at 3:30 today.   He does have to share a room.   That ought to be interesting.

On turning 44.   It sure seems strange, I just never thought about being this old.

And a Happy Birthday to TallCubCA!   have a great one little mr. 12 years younger than me!

Oh and one last thing.   Questions???   Ask them I'll answer.   Besides I'm home alone till Monday so what else do I have to do besides surf the web or surf the tv? And I'm screening comments so you can remain anonomous if you want.




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