He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Another Heroes Thought

So I thought of this last night but forgot to include it. 

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Does HRG have power?   What is the Haitians power.   He can mind wipe, but can he also suppress power.   I'm thinking it's HRG that can suppress the powers.   We will see.   

Also once again I'm thinking that Ando is amplifying Hiro's Power.   Once again he went 5 years in the future.   But then again maybe it's just because he has his confidence back now that he has the Sword.

And then there is Mr. Muggles.   I loved the fact that Mrs. Bennets phone was the dog barking.   When it rang the second time and it wasn't the dog barking and she said it was the kennel I knew there was a problem.   

Also the new person's (Candace?) power is tottally cool.    Can she take anyones form or only dead people.   Was that foreshadowing of the future of Claire's mom?  

This show goes so deep.   I think I will spend next week while John is away rewatching all the episodes again.

Tags: heroes, spoilers, theories

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