He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

It's Monday.

Well It's Monday and I haven't posted.    I should have.    Well I do have a reason.   I have two dead computers.   It really sucks.   The one is the one with all my email on it (remember those 11 email accounts).   That really sucks.   So the other computer I built to replace this one has now died too.    So I need to spend some time working on them.   But you know I just hate to work on computers anymore.   I'm pretty certain the Sony just needs a new hard drive.   It only works when laying on it side.   And then it dies.   My other computer wont boot at all.   Well even more reason to take home one of these from work.

For Valentines Day I made dinner reservations at Headhunters for John and I.    This is the first time we have really gone anywhere on VD day.   I haven't told him where we are going so it will be a suprise.  Scary to think this is our 9th Valentines Day together.   Wow.

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