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Monday Morning.

Wow.   It is quiet in here today.   Feels like Christmas.   3 People out sick a whole lot of other at the marketing conference.   Slow weekend.

Saturday we did nothing.   I made cookies Saturday Night and we ate them.   MMM.  Snickerdoodles!

Sunday I slept till 11am.   12 hours sleep.   Good.    We went to lunch about 1 then went to Frys and wandered.   I bought Suduko for my PSP.   Very addictive game.   But I seem to really suck.   Takes me twice as long as the time says.

Friday I had drinks with friends from the group I used to work in.   We decided that we are going to Amsterdam.   All 3 of us will take a week off and go have fun for a week.   I'm assuming John won't want to go due to the long flight but we will see.   Now we are trying to figure out what to do other than smoke pot once we get there.

I've broke down and cancelled the trip to England.   Just can't afford it right now.   Still planning on taking Sabbatical from May 9th to July 3rd.   We will go to Idaho Falls for Training and probably head over to Yellowstone and then up to Canada.   John still has 3 weeks off so we will just make it a road trip.

Well better get back to work.   Off to the doctor at noon.

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