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Color me pissed off

Got to work this morning and had to use the restroom. Plugged in my
laptop logged on and ran to the restroom. Then I decided I would get
coffee before heading to my desk for a day of grueling work. Got my
coffee got back to my desk to find my laptop had blue screened. Yes ladies
and gentlemen "Unmountable_Hard_Drive" error. So my laptop is now in PC
services and it will be 3-4 hours for them to reload the OS. Oh and all
that work I did on Friday (Including my self review) .... GONE!!!!

To this I say: Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Bill Gates. Fuck Bill Gates in the
ass, fuck him in the eye, fuck him in every orifice he has!

Well back to looking busy.

On a good note. I scheduled my Sabbatical. So from May 9th, 2007 to July
3rd, 2007 I will be off work. On Saturday we scheduled our trip, We will
be spending 20 days traveling through England, Scotland, and Ireland from
June 10th through June 29th. For more info see the tour
Yes it's costing me a butload of money but it will be a once in a lifetime


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