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Well it's that time again. I'm going to once again try and resurect this journal. I'm going to try and post daily. Life is hectic. Life is about choices. I think we live the choices we make. So for now I will post.

Saturday John and I rejoined Weight Watchers. I am a lifetime member and at one time had reached my goal weight of 180 pounds. I am now at an all time high of 257.3 pounds. So desperate times call for depsperate measures and we are back on the program. We also made a trip to Super Suppers but they were closed. So we went to Dinner My Way which was just getting ready to close but let us in. For those of you that do not know these are places you can go and make your meals then freeze them. We do this since our schedules are so hectic we get home and end up eating fast food (bad for us). Bottom line we made 6 dinners but split them all in half for $116. So we have 12 meals. This place was great they were even able to give us the point value for the meals.

Today we went and took my mom out to lunch for her birthday since they are leaving for a 16 day cruise and she will be in Hawaii for her birthday (BITCH!). Oh well love em anyway.

Well I was going to bitch about politics but I'll save that for another day.

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