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It's Fucking hot.

Excuse my language but there is no adjitive that discribes this weather. I woke up at 8 am this morning because I have 4 orders I need to complete. Keep in mind I have to work in the garage. The garage faces north and does not get very much sun. Should'nt be hot right? WRONG! When I woke up at 7am to let the dog pee, it was 82 degrees outside. It was 85 in the garage. I turned the little swamp cooler on and went back to bed. When I got up at 8 it was still 82 degrees in the garage but a lot more humid. Well I got my 12 glasses printed, 2 mugs, and a couple of tiles (for a sample and to use as coasters) done. I still need to print 12 flashlights and 5 T-Shirts (which requires me to turn on the heater to cure them).

Well I think I'm done for today. I just want to be somewhere laying by the pool naked. I have to find a house that has a pool so we can move.

My thoughts on this weather. God is getting back at us for letting the Repubicans fuck up the country. Really I do.

I just had a funny thought. I'm gonna make shirts and buttons: "Ann Coulter: Putting the cunt in country" anybody want one?

Tags: hot rant

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