He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept


It's Fucking hot. Sorry but no other word describes it.

I have 400 wine glasses to print and the garage was about 87 degrees last night. I did 42. I need to get them done in the next couple of weeks. Since my first job is so busy right now it's a pain. I have to fly down to LA on Tuesday. I wish I was spending the night, there are so may things in LA to do, but know I only get to spend the night in hell holes like Hillsboro. Speaking of Hell holes I may have to go to North Carolina next week for a demo. I was there when I was 16 and all I remember is its hot and there are a lot of bugs.

So all you bitches if your interested in any specialty items (ie T-Shirts, Wine Glasses, basically anything printed) check out the website.


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