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I know. I'm Bad.

Haven't posted in a while. We went to Las Vegas Last week for John's 40th Birthday. We spent the first 3 days at the Blue Moon Resort. It was quite nice and very festive. Clothing optional but there weren't a lot of guys there. Did meet some nice people though. The last two days we spent at MGM Grand. We did al the touristy things - Star Trek Experience, Walked the strip etc. We went and saw Blue Man Group and it was excellent. At the Star Trek Experience we took the behind the scenes tour and it was really cool. On John's birthday we decided to just hang out so we went to the Spa at the Luxor. Best $35 bucks I spent in Vegas.

I'll be in SF next week Monday Night through Thursday.


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Mar. 4th, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
Ain't the Luxor just to die for. My last 5 years in I worked in Vegas...that's where I worked. I was always going to The Spa. Ted and I had several relaxing evening there when he was alive. A couple of the other casinos have spas...but they're not 24 hours like the Luxor. Did the 2 of you go nude???

Now I can't wait to hit Vegas...I'm getting home sick.

Hope you and John had a good time. And wish him a belated happy birthday for me!!!
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