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High School Hell

High School

School and year you graduated? Folsom High School in 1981.

Nickname in high school? Oh god, I haven't thought about this in ages. Lowers head in shame. "Howdy Doody". I was skinny and looked like howdy doody.

Sport you were into? Cross Country. Only so I could shower with the others.

Had a circle of friends? Cindy, Dale, Kingley, Troy, and Steve. We played D&D. Have lost touch with all of them.

Best subject? Math. Algebra. Calculus. (even stoned I got an A in Calculus).

Worst subject? History, English.

A teacher you owe life lessons to? Mr. Pelligrini. It doesn't matter what people think about you!

Describe in one word...
Freshman year: Scary.
Sophomore year: Boring
Junior year: Is it over yet.
Senior year: Fun. The hell is almost over.

Your best friend was? Mark Marquette, then Dale Zeitler.

Worst friend? That would have to be my ex-brother in law. Jack.

Cafeteria food sucked? It was ok. We had an open campus so we went out a lot too.

Wore uniforms? Nope.

How was the prom? Nope. Nada. Zip.

Who were the prom king and queen? Like I fucking care. Bet they still suck. But know I'm gonna go look for my yearbook.

Any achievements? Was in "Who's Who of American High School Students". And of course honor roll.

Were you popular? Anti-Popular.

Best song that reminds you of high school? Probably anything from "Rocky Horror". Those where the best times seeing it at midnight. "Science Fiction, double feature, creature show, by RKO....."

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