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yesterday was a fun day. We went to weight watchers and I lost 4.6 pounds (for a total of 12) and John lost 3.2 (for a total of 10). I can already feel the difference. The last 10 pounds I gained really slowed me down. Hope to be down another 5 before the Plane trip to Vegas. Sitting in a plane is always uncomfortable.

We went to Costco and all the idiodic people were there. I love that place but it seems to shut peoples brains off when they go in there. so we got the necessites and left.

We went to the bank. Now that the loan is finalized and John's name will be put on the house I went ahead and added him to all the bank accounts. We are now totally mingled financially as well as emotionally. Another reason this marriage ban pisses me off is that I have to go through all these special steps to insure John is protected from my greedy family should anything happen to me.

We to take Care of some Pampered Chef business for John and vistited with the friends who had the party.

We went to dinner with Our Friends Derek and Maggie to Bucca Di Beppo. What a fun place that is. We requested the kitchen table so we sat in the kitchen. The waiters and waitresses would stop by and show us the entrees as they took them out.

The manager was gorgeous, big husky hunk. He had a dark goatee and shaved head. And I am certain he wasn't wearing any underwear under his dress pants. He had a wedding ring but you never know. John said he was adjusting himself and he caught John staring. He had a very nice ass. It was just fun to eat dinner, chat and watch all the cute waiters go by.

Today we are off to See dreamgirls at Music Circus.


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