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My Last Night In Taiwan

So tonight is my Last night in Taiwan. It has been very interesting to see the different culture. Today is Chinese New Year and almost everything is closed. It is more like our Thanksgiving where families stay home with their families and have a large meal. We took the train to the Fishermans Warf but nothing was open. I did find one store that was opened and bought a beautiful chinese doll for my sister. It was only $799 Taiwan dollars.

Tonight I am going to see Brokeback Mountain. It will be interesting to see it here since this is the birthplace of Ang Lee. Also I am going with one of my co-workers who is straight.

Well if it's not too late I will post about my thoughts on the movie after it.

Weather is dreary.

I've taken tons of photos but can't seem to upload them from this hotel room. I'll try tommorrow when I get to Tokyo.

Tags: taiwan, travel

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