He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Would you.

another meme.

1. Would you fuck me/let me fuck you?

2. What positions?

3. Would you go down on me?

4. Would we fuck hard?

5. Would we fuck the first night we met?

6. Would you let me pull your hair while we fucked? Or would you pull mine?

7. Would we fuck in the shower?

8. Would you handcuff me or tie me to the bed and then fuck me, or let me do that to you?

9. Would you have a 3-some with me?

10. What about me makes you want me?

11. Would you talk dirty while we fucked?

12. What locations would we fuck?

13. Would we do it in front of people?

14. Would we fuck more than once?

15. Would we fuck in the rain?

16. Would you have phone sex with me?

17. Would you cheat on me?

18. Would you break my heart?

19. If I gave you my heart would you love it or let it go?

20. Would you fuck me once and leave me the next day?

21. Would you tell me the truth no matter what it is or what you do?

22. Are you gonna re-post this to see if and how I want to fuck you?

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