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Stolen from bearpawly et al.

RULES: Copy and paste this into your journal and write anything -- from one word to a whole paragraph or more -- about the first twelve bands listed. The last band is a Wild Car. Pick any band you want to write about.

The Beatles: I was never a big fan of the Beatles. I love their songs when they are done by others. Recently I have been listening to their music and it's like wow I like this now. Funny how we change.

Led Zeppelin: Wow. Smoke my first joint at a Led Zeppelin concert and almost died on the way home. I have always loved thier music.

Pink Floyd: Once again I came to age with Pink Floyd during my pot head days. I have recently rediscovered them (unfortunatly potless). Their songs still bring a chill and longing to my heart. I still remember seeing the Wall and saying wow that was strange I need to see it again. Time, Money, Wish you were here will always be some of the best music I ever heard.

Fleetwood Mac: Over-rated. Rhiannon kicks butt. Band most in need of a new Hairdresser.

Aerosmith: They Rock.

Journey: Great Band. But I've somehow drifted away from thier music.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: I love rock and roll. Damn that song brings back memories. I can remember being drunk off my ass singing, well just yelling it really, at the top of our lungs. Those were the days.

The Beastie Boys: Beastie Who????

Depeche Mode: Can you say Blasphemous Rumors! That song rocks. "I think that God has a sick sense of humor, and when I die I expect to find him laughing..." I will one day own a boat and it will be named Blasphemous Rumors. "Somebody" always had a special place. For some reason I identified with that song and knew the she really meant he and he was looking for justification and acceptance of a relationship that was not allowed.

The Bangles: Like cool whip. Light and fluffy but you can't live on it.

Metallica: Never really listened to them.

Stone Temple Pilots: Dunno. Can't think of any songs by them.

Oingo Boingo: Musically they were never that great of a band. But they were fun. Their music is just so great. Danny Elfman is a genious. His music has brought tears to my eyes so many times.

So that's my story I'm sticking to it. I think I need to post a list of all the concerts I've been to.

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