He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

That darn dog.

CeCe our dog has suddenly started acting like a teenager.   She is 5 years old now but suddenly she has started staying out all night.   She would rather hang with her friends (the dogs who live next door) than come in at night and be with her two Dads.  She has a couple of other quirks too.   She will stand at the door and whine then when you go to the door and open it she runs away.   I started going to the door and pretending like I'm going to open it then running away.   Of course I look like a complete fool but it gives me some satisfaction.

This morning (after spending last night outside on one of her all nighters) I heard her whining to get in.  I wasn't about to go downstairs and let her in so I just jumped in the shower.  I then got dressed and went downstairs to let her in.   When I went to the sliding glass door I noticed something wasn't right.   I then looked closer and noticed a tail sticking out of her mouth.   She had caught a mouse.  I thought it was a rat but it was just a large mouse.   I then went out back and tried to get it from her.   If you want fun try playing tag with a dog at 6:15 in the morning.   Finally I got her to drop it and IT WASN'T DEAD.   It was extremely worn out from being played with for who knows how long.   Well I put it in a zip lock bag and dropped it in the garbage can.   Luckily today is garbage day.

So basically my dog not only thinks it's a teenager, she also thinks she's a cat.

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