He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Been a fun and busy weekend.

Well we've had a pretty fun weekend. I'm off today and John just left for work. I'm spending the day finishing up some Job apps for the County of Sacramento and working around the house.

Saturday we went to Fry's and did some shopping. Bought parts for the new computer I'm building. My old PC died and I haven't even started to look at it yet, I've just decided to build a new one. The new one will be a Dual Pentium with 2 Gig of memory. I have to order the Case, Power Supply, Heat Sinks and Motherboard and then I'll have everything.

Sunday we decided to go to Tahoe. Everyone told us it was a mistake and it would be really crowded. Well it was too crowded and we won a lot of money! I picked up almost 1500 and John about 800. So I felt generous and gave my nephews $100 bucks each for the 16th Birthday.

Yesterday we went to John's aunt's house for a BBQ. Food was ok, but it was hotter than hell. Not sure what she had against air conditioning. Maybe she was trying to make her husband who just got back from Iraq comfortable. After that we went to my sisters for my Nephews Birthday. We ate more and lit off fireworks after dark.

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