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Will Friday ever come?

Well it was a good weekend. Friday I had a massage. Also on Friday they installed my new Garage Cabinets. They are so sweet. Saturday we cleaned and organized the garage, also got stuff ready for a garage sale. Sunday I got up at 6am and had a garage sale at 7am. Didn't do as well as I expected but made $60. At 1pm we gathered all the decent stuff that wasn't sold and took it to goodwill. Then we loaded all the crap in the truck and took it to the dump. Still have 4 boxes of paperbacks to take to the library to donate and 2 boxes of Porn I forgot to take to the dump. Well maybe I'll try and sell them. I took pictures of the garage before and after and will have to post them.

Finally haven't posted cause my computer crashed. Dead. DOA. DNR. When it boots up it just hangs. When I try and go to safe mode it stops on the agp400.sys driver. After researching this looks to be a hardware failure. Just don't have time to deal with it yet. So I've been working off my laptop wirelessly which is quite slow.

 I did upload the first day of Alaska Pics and they can be seen here.


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