He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Circuit City Rocks.

We went to Circuit City Tuesday night cause xXx came out for the PSP. I being madly in love with Vin Diesel had to have it. So they not only had them but when I saw the add they were for $12.99 (cheaper than anywhere). So I bought it and I bought Hell Boy cause yes it has the other fantasy love of my life Ron Perlman. So last night we went to Walmart so John could pay his Sam's Club credit card and I noticed they had Pirates of the Carribean for $24.99. Well John wanted it and I said lets go see if Circuit City has it! So we go to Circuit City and they did have it but it is also $24.99. So I grab the add and say but it says here that it is $12.99 and the sales girl says "that's only for the one's pictured". So I argue with her and ask for her manager and you guessed it we got it for $12.99. So now we have 3 movies to watch on the trip up to Oregon next week.

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