He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Translate this!

Take lyrics to a song, paste them to Google Language Tools. Translate them from English to German, then from German to French, then from French back to English. Post the lyrics on your blog and ask people to guess what song it is.

There are two words that will give it away if you know the song.

I give you the English -> German -> French -> English

It to have planed there to have to be sparkled that to be safe everyone to know to arrive but and to be sky stairs buy and if whether nature shop with a call to order to close too received which for problem of OH OH OH OH OH to come and be sky stairs sometimes know to buy it an indication on wall to have there, but, to be around safe and you word to want two to have meaning in tree through ruisseau it a bird to have there that all our thought to be sung to sometimes have misgiven problem of OH OH OH OH OH and its a Himmelstreppe to buy a feeling there to be I receive, if I the west and mean nature spirit to look at cry to look at and be in order to leave in my thought I to have smoke ring by tree and voice see those to hold the problem of OH OH OH OH OH sky stairs buy and be whisper that soon, if each air call to tines us to then lead to insist in order and a new day for those to be born those long on it and forest too consider echo to also laugh and make miracles make, if it there a movement in you hedgerow to have not its fairly its a clean feather/spring for May queen now to alarm two there to be way you ever, but to long time moveless to go to be able be there to polish and want in order to change road for you on your nature head to be schnarchen and not disappear, because more piper ' s does not plane you to know you to call expensively it power you wind not to know to hear blow, and you its stairs sour lie to know wind whisper and in the measure as on road our large shade up downward to roll, our soul to go there planes everything light space bar, in order to show, as whole nor to gold and SI to arrange you very hard air you to come to finally hear read, if everything planes one to be and one be whole to receive in order to be a rock and not to buy be there in order to roll problem of OH OH OH OH OH and not be sky stairs, which it is safe that everything that sparkles is the gold and she buys stairs in the sky, and if she arrives there her white whether the shops with a word are closed that she can, which came her and them buy stairs in the sky, uh of uh of uh.


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