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Q&A from xijoeix

What is your all time favorite porn movie? Anything with Zak Spears in it. :)

Would you ever do a porn video or a photo layout? If so, who on yer LJ friends list would you include in the event? Yes. I'd love to. And wow I guess probably 90% of my LJ friends list would be welcome.

What Rocky Horror Picture Show character do you relate to the most? Riff Raff.

What are your Top 3 Artists from the 80's that have managed to stay in the biz till now (or at the worst the recent past)? Bruce Springsteen. Although I don't like his new stuff. Depeche Mode. Danny Elfman. OOPs I cheated. He is still in the music business but Oingo Boingo is no more. But I love the scores he does.

What AREN'T you wearing at the moment? Underwear.

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