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Q&A from arshermetica

1) Chronos has given you the ability to travel back in time and avert any one event of your choice thus altering the time stream. You do so. Which event will this be? Why? and how will it affect modern times? The bombing of the World Trade Center and hijacking of the planes. I think these events changed the US and won the election for GW. Thus we would have a Kerry Nation and it would be kinder and more gentle.

2) How do you feel about transhumanism? First I need to google it to see what it is.(Transhumanism is an emergent philosophy analysing or favouring the use of science and technology, especially neurotechnology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, to overcome human limitations and improve the human condition.) Well I am all for it. I see no reason that we should not try to improve ourselves. Now of course I see issues when parents want to make sure they don't have a gay child.

3) If you could meet and pick the brain of one person any person, living or dead. Who would it be and why? It's a tie. Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan. They are both brilliant and I would just like to understand some of the stuff they know. I tried reading Hawkings book but I just don't get it.

4) You've been gifted with superhuman powers. What are they and how would you use them? Invisibility! I'd hang out in locker rooms and showers, cause I'm a pervert.

5) You've fallen head over heels in love with another man who isn't your husband. What do you do? I would say fess up. Set him down and tell him. Then work it out.

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