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Questions and Answers from poohnnova

1. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten... AND LIKED? This had to be the hardest question. But all I can think of would be Carrots with Mustard. I didn't have any Ranch so I dipped them in mustard. It was good.

2. Who's your favorite Disney character and why? Tigger. My License plate on my motorcycle.
Always been a Tigger fan and through the years started collecting Tiggers. Right now at work there is 7 tigers in my cubicle. At home I've lost count.

3. Boxers or Briefs or other? I prefer none. If I have to wear underwear it would be boxers.

4. What's on your night stand right now? Don't really have a night stand. But the table beside the bed has my Tigger Phone on it, lots of dust and lube.

5. What's in your DVD or VHS right now? Downstairs - DVD I burned of Revelations and Star Trek Enterprise. Upstairs - DVD Porn. VHS Porn.

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