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A meme by any other name.

From gooeygomo

if you were______ what would you be?

[a flower] Bird of Paradise
[a fruit] Tomato
[a vegetable] Potato
[a spice] Cinnamon
[a color] Red
[a bug] Dead

Short Answer
[are you left handed or right handed?]

[are you smart?] people tell me I am. Sometimes I wonder though.

[what’s your middle name?] Allen

[how many personalities do you have?] One. No I don't. Yes I do. Do not. Do too.. Yep. Just one. Shut up. No you shut up.

[how many piercings do you have?] Left ear.

[tattoos?] one. Tigger on my right Sholder.

[do you like v-8?] nope tastes like barf.

[what was your first word?] Hell if I know.

[are you superstitious?] No.

[do you read your horoscope?] Yes. but for amusment purposes only.

[do you believe in that stuff?] No.

[can you do a cartwheel?] Yeah but don't know if I could stop.

[do you have bangs?] I don't have hair...

[do you have contact lenses?] no.

[can you drive?] yes. I can drive a car. and I'm good at driving people crazy too.

[what do you drive?] 2003 Chrystler PT Cruiser GT. 2004 BMW F650 GS Dakar Motorcycle.

[do you snore?] yes.

[Do you drool in your sleep?] yep.

[do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?] Lick

[do you keep a journal?] I'm I think that's what this is. Right? I also have a paper journal that I rarely write in..

[what languages do you know?] COBOL, Fortran, BASIC, C. Or wait you probably mean English.

[what's the best awards show?] None.

[do you like onions?] MMMM good.

[do you like cotton candy?] Nope. Goes with V8

[do you like Pina coladas?] Yep. BOOZE good.

[what instruments can you play?] Guitar.

[what words do you overuse?] you know.

[what do you sleep in?] a bed. oh what do I wear? just a smile.

[what’s your bedtime?] well I'm big enough I can stay up as late as I want. But I'm over forty so if I don't go to bed at 11pm I'm a bitch the next day.

[how many pillows do you have?] 2 but some how I end up with just one as the other runs off to spend the night on John's side of the bed. (he has 4 pillows)

[do you like to dance?] Yes. But I haven't in a long time.

[do you like to sing?] Yes. But I've been requested not to.

[are you any good at it?] No. Really bad.

[how many cds do you have?] 100+

[do you like to talk on the phone?] Nope. For some reason, maybe being on the phone for 7 years, I hate talking on the phone.

[how many times have you moved ?] Twice. Once every 20 years rather I need it or not.

[what do you think of chain letters?] yuk.

[do you like where you live?] love the house hate the area.

[is your room messy?] is the pope polish. Oh wait, can't use that anymore.

[how many people go to your school?] um. like a few. ya know. but when I was in school there was 212.

[do you like your writing?] writing. you mean shortcuts. character recognition. do people still write?

[do you like to finger-paint?] especially in chocolate on a man. oh there I go digressing again.

[what do you smell like?] man. clean washed man. sometimes with a hint of Obsession for Men. ®

[are you organized?] nope. put everything in one place and forget it.

[what do you put on hotdogs and hamburgers] Mustard, Ketchup, Relish and Cheese. Oh and Chilli is good too.

[do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] don't call him that. It really isn't nice.

[do you sleep with socks on?] actually I hate having socks on when I don't have shoes on. Never sleep in socks.

[are you ticklish?] In many places. Care to find them?

[are you shy?] Very. When I don't know you I won't talk to you.

[do you talk to yourself?] No.

[is your house 1, 2, or 3 stories?] 2

[do you have a basement or an attic?] Attic. but you can't stand up in it or anything.

[what flavor fluoride do you get at the dentist?] no idea.

[did you go to preschool?] No. I don't think they had them back then.

[are you a morning person?] Only if I've been up all night.

[what’s your favorite outfit?] Nakedness

[do you have a friend that you wish wasn't?] No.

[who has the most annoying voice in the world?] The woman in the next cubicle.

[do you believe in ghosts?] Yes.

[do you believe in bigfoot?] No. But I like big feet. :)

[what’s your favorite feature (on yourself)] none.

[what do you do when you're nervous?] eat and cuss.

[who's your role model?] Albert Einstien on weed.

[what celebrities do you look like?] none.

[what celebrities do you act like?] oh that is so wrong.

[do you like classical music?] Yes.

[how old do you wish you were?] it would be nice to be 21 again.

[what will you name your daughter?] "I can't believe your mother got me drunk and did that"

[son?] Bastard

[have you ever gone skinny dipping?] All the time. Best way to swim.

[have you ever thought you were gonna die?] no.

[where's the farthest place you ever traveled?] Southern Carribean

[where do you wanna go?] England, Scottland, Ireland and Wales (2007 baby!)

[what is the best advice you've ever been given?] just relax and let it slide in. (is anybody still reading this???)

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