He who must be kept (fuzzface_63) wrote,
He who must be kept

Things are finally calming down.

My mom is much better. Looks like the bleeding in her head has stopped and the swelling that was causing her dementia is residing too. She still has a bit of a headache but she is walking, talking and complaining about the food. Looks like she should go home tomorrow or the next day.

My dad will most likely go home tomorrow or the next day also. Have a class tomorrow at the hospital at 10am to learn how to care for him. He will be going to my sisters house and I will be staying at my parents house with my mom. Once I talk to the neurologist tomorrow and know my mom is coming home I'm just going to call and tell my boss I won't be back till next week.

So all in all things are finally looking up. We even heard other good news today that John's work will be moving closer to our house. His 15 minute commute will most likely be about 5 now.


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