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Weekend update

Saturday. John had to work so I went to Weight Watchers then did laundry. I proceeded to match up all the socks. What an exciting event. I am throwing away all the mateless socks. I can now get up in the morning and find two socks that match. Now if I could just get John to match them before putting them in the drawer.

Spent some quality time with the X-Box.

Saturday Night went to pizza party. Saw some friends we hadn't seen in a long time. We really have been hermits the last couple years. I thought once school was over we would get back in the swing of it, but it's been a year and we just haven't re-entered the Bear world.

Sunday - Went to home show. Found tons of things that I can't afford. Got some Ideas for the Backyard. Hopefully will start it this spring. Depends on finances rather I do it myself or have someone do it.

Cooked dinner last night. Did some internet surfing. Had this guy IM me that wants to have a 3 way. Forgot to tell John bout it. Oh well. Watched Charmed and went to bed.

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