February 22nd, 2014

Me 2014

Happy Saturday.

Well I find myself back here again.    I keep saying I'm going to post regularly and then never do.    Laziness.   It's my worst weakness.

I've been pretty vegetative lately and not sure why.    Had a nasty cold that lasted from Thanksgiving to New Years.  

I did my first 5k in November and then haven't run since.    It's sad cause I really have started to like running.    I've decided to kick start my running back up so I signed up for my second 5K for April.    That should give me time to get back into it and be ready.    I'm not in it to win cause I know I'll never be super fast but I just figure every thing I do to get me moving adds that much more longevity and health to my life.

I've got a lot in my head that I think I need to work out and this will probably be the place to do it.    Facebook has become a beast and I really don't enjoy it much.    I haven't really even looked at Google+ in years.  

Well we will see how this goes.

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