March 23rd, 2013


Is this thing on?

Wow.    I actually forgot I had an LJ.     Bad me.    Well I really should post to this thing.    How are you all doing, did you miss me?    Well I just turned Fifty!!!   Can you fucking believe it, I'm half a century old.    I can't believe I'm 50, I sure don't feel like it.    I'm still training for ALC so come June I'll be riding my Bicycle 545 Miles from SF to LA in 7 Days!!!!    What have I gotten myself into?   I'm struggling more with the fundraising than the training.   Although I haven't trained in a couple weeks as we went to Disneyland last weekend for my 50th Birthday and this weekend I'm on call so I can't do any long rides.   Well I am going to make a concious effort to update this thing with more than my babbling twitter account.   And thanks to those who stuck around I look forward to catching up!    Please feel free to sponsor me!!!   Glenn's ALC Page.IMG_5879
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