July 25th, 2010


Internet friends

The internet is a Strange Place. It allows you to grow close and get to know someone without ever meeting them. Sure people follow stars and think they are friends with them, but with internet friends you can actually interact and get to know them. I found Sam on LiveJournal, followed him to Flickr, and Twitter and even Facebook.. He had a wicked sense of humor, was hot and not afraid to show off his body. I immediately new I had to "Follow" him. I followed Sam on LiveJournal, seeing him meet and fall in love Greg and start their life together in Seattle. You could tell just how much they were in Love. Sam left us tragically early on July 23rd with Greg at his side. Even though I didn't really know him I cried that day, and I cried again today when I read the letter Greg wrote to him. I'll miss you Sam. Rest In Peace.

Sam Storicks
September 10, 1979 - July 23, 2010
You were too young and full of life to go.