August 8th, 2009

cute but psycho

It's the iPhones fault.

Yes friends I've neglected you. Sorry but Twitter and Facebook are just so much easier to read on the iPhone. I've neglected reading my friends posts and posting here myself. At least now I can post photos and have them blogged here so I should do that more often.

Let's catch up:

1.) Sister. She is finally home. After being in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks (4 days in ICU) they confirmed she did have Swine Flu. It seems it is much worse in obese persons. She is doing much better. She is still pretty tired and wore out but it's nice to have her home. Heading over there to check on her today.

2.) Mom. This is an up and down roller coaster ride. She is doing really good this week. I think she cut back on the smoking and you can tell. If I could just get her to quit I think she could have a few more good years, if not who knows.

3.) Life. I've started having anxiety attacks. Well see the above and you won't wonder why. Through in the job ending in a month and no nibbles on new ones and you get the stress I'm under. Life goes on and I've decided whatever happens happens. I found a real cool job but they said I would have to be in Arizona so I said no. I'm now thinking that on Monday I'm going to contact them and tell them if they are still interested I'll find a way to make it happen. I just don't see how I can leave my mom right now. I would definitely have to hire someone. John really doesn't want to leave his family right now either. But we will see.

4.) John's nephew is moving in with us next week. So we will have an 18 year old boy living with us. This will change some things. Guess I'll have to wear clothes now.

Well off to catch up on mail. TTFN.