February 28th, 2009

Me 2014

My first trip to the ER as an Adult.

I woke up at 3am with abdominal pain. Tossed and turned for half an hour. Came down stairs and just could do anything the pain was so bad. I even tried sitting in the hot tub. A little before 5 I woke John to take me to the ER. The Hospital has a new ER and it was quite nice. Several hot doctors and nurses. They gave me Morphine for the pain (which made me throw up) and took blood for tests. Pretty much just waited around and then at 6 there was a shift change. The new doctor came in and asked some questions then did a sonogram of my Gallbladder and tells me I have gallstones. So I'm home and I've got some good pain medicine. Need to call my Doctor on Monday to make an appointment. I want this thing out cause I don't want to go through that pain again.

Oh and what brought it on was we went to Claim Jumper last night for John's Birthday. Had greasy appetizers and Meatloaf. Good food but not worse the excruciating pain it caused.

Glenn's Twitters

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  • 08:23 Just got back from the emergency room. Gallstones hurt!! #
  • 10:40 One thing I really hate about iTunes. It lets me buy a song I already have. That sucks. #
  • 14:04 @HappyGoatee Jenny Jenney who can I turn to. Have you heard the Mark Weigle version (Jimmy, Jimmy)? It's awesome. #
  • 14:04 Thinks pain pills are kicking in. #
  • 18:27 I'm just re-watching Battlestar Gallactica. I was kinda out of it last night and missed some stuff. It's awesome! #
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