February 17th, 2009


Glenn's Twitters

More crap you really don't care about.

  • 07:26 Off to the Dentist. Then lunch with Melinda from work. #
  • 07:55 Testing the Twitter to Facebook app. #
  • 08:00 Finishing my coffee and heading out the door. Dentist then La Bou for Lunch. #
  • 09:29 sitting in the waiting room of the dentist. even though its just a cleaning i'm anxious. #
  • 11:06 survived the dentist. now killing time at target till lunch. #
  • 12:06 just talked to John. next door neighbors house was broken into this morning. #
  • 16:21 ok. tired of the rain now. why can't it rain only at night. #
  • 16:30 dCDXhi you are very welome sexy #
  • 16:33 i wish i had a real phone so i could reply to twits... #
  • 18:24 just had mickey d's for dinner. sorrry heart. #
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