January 26th, 2009

Me 2014

Back Home

Got home last night at 9pm.   We went to Downtown Disney yesterday to wander.   It's the best we could do with no money.   Wandered the shops and spent a whopping 8.95 on on a 2009 Mickey Pin.   The ISS Show was pretty good.  Tons of new ideas for shirts and apparel.   Today we are going to a Job fair so that should be interesting.   Just finished printing 30 resumes and now need to go jump in the show and then find clothes that fit.   It's a balmy 59 degrees in here without the heat.   Need to call and get someone to come look at it when we get back this afternoon. 
Me 2014

Sign of the Times.

Went to a job fair today.   There was a line around the block.   We waited and finally were let in.   Inside there was a total of 15 employers there, of those Cookie Lee and Avon were two of them.   Not a single employer had a technology job.     All the positions were sales positions which I am just not a good fit for.   I HATE SALES!!!    So pretty much was a waste of my time.

This afternoon we got a notice from Bank of America that they are suspending the line of credit on our house due to the house dropping in value.   Yes, I know owe more than my house is worth.   I am so thinking about walking away from this dump and starting over.