November 11th, 2008

Me 2014

My Day in a nutshell.

11-12 Meeting
12-1 Lunch (Hot Pocket, Yogurt, Water)
1-3 Re-Org announcement meeting
3-4 Meeting
4-4:30 1:1 meeting with my Boss.  Most likely related to
6pm Class at Folsom Lake College.  Marketing for the Small Business.

I hate how management schedules these meetings to tell us we are going to be re-orged and then won't tell us anything more.  Then my boss has to add a helping of stress on by scheduling a meeting after the meeting to tell us we are being re-org'd.   Sheesh.   I'm just getting beaten down and starting to not care anymore.

Last night I applied for a position with the Obama-Biden administration.   Yeah I know more likely to be hit by lightning but how cool would that be.   I would love to be a part of the changes coming.
Me 2014

Thank you sir may I have another.

Today I was informed that my job no longer exists and I have until December 8th to decide if I want to stay with the company and try and find another job or take a severence package. If any of you know of Jobs (yeah right) in the Sacramento Area let me know.