November 5th, 2008

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If marriage is now defined as between "one man and one woman", does that mean that if you divorce you can't get married again cause you've already been married to one man or one woman? Wouldn't it be cool if they accidentally outlawed divorce.
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wow. I learned something.

Did I know this and loose it through old age?

Last night listening to Obama's Speech (and crying). He said as we have done for 221 years. I immediately did the math 2008 - 1776 that's more than 221 years. So today I finally looked it up. The constitution was ratified in 1787. Duh.
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140 Days.

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Since we were married on Tuesday June 17th, Yesterday made it exactly 140 days we have been married. Not domestic Partnered, Not Civil Unioned, Married. Deal with it Mother Fuckers!