October 22nd, 2008

Me 2014

Get Political

The nights of Columbus were in front of the store with little kids collecting money for some home.   I told them I don't give money to political organizations and they tried to inform me that they were not.   I then asked them how many homes the money the've given to prop 8 would have built and went in and did my shopping.   Just say no to bigots.
Me 2014

Random Observations from this Political Season

Republicans are not happy unless they are scared.

How can someone be an Evangical and have witchcraft excorcised from them but then name 2 of your children after a witches (Piper and Willow)?   And why has the media not questioned this?   As far as I know Piper is not a biblical name and Willow wasn't an offspring of Adam & Eve.

Why does gas go up before a holiday and down before an election?

I'm sure there are more but those have really been bothering me!