September 16th, 2008

leder hosen

Day one Milan, Day two Dusseldorf.


Well we arrived in Milan yesterday before noon. I hadn't slept since Saturday but decided to stay up so as not to mess up my sleep cycle. We checked into the hotel, I took a shower and then we headed downtown. We wandered downtown and saw Santa Maria Del Grasie made famous by the Da Vinci Code. This is where the Last Supper is located. Since we didn't have tickets we couldn't get in to see it which was quite a dissapointment. Then we wandered to the Milan Cathedral and wandered inside. It was quite beautiful. We then paid 5 Euro to go to the top which was quite beautiful. You can look down on the square and it was just breathtaking.

We had a decent dinner and then just went back to the Hotel.

Monday we had customer meetings. Went longer than expected but it was good. After that we headed to the Airport to head to Dusseldorf, Germany. Not too long of a flight and we were in Duesseldorf by 7pm. We were staying at the hotel right at the airport. One of the local field people picked us up and took us downtown to have dinner. We ate at a traditional German Restaraunt - Brauerei zum Schiffchen which is supposedly 380 years old!! I drank Alt beer. I had Viener Snitzel and it was great.

Tuesday we got up and went to customer meetings and then headed to the airport. We caught a earlier flight and were in Munich by 4pm. We then had to drive up to Augsburg Germany. We checked into the hotel and then headed in search of dinner. We ended up checking out a church the Cathedral of Augsburg which was just amazing. The church is over a thousand years old. Has to be one of the oldest buildings I have ever been in. We had dinner at John Benton which was quite good. And the Apple Strudel with Vanilla Cream sauce was so good I want to go back for more.

Now its off to bed and have another day of meetings tomorrow. Then we head to Madrid. Should be able to actually unpack in Madrid and have some spare time.

Here is the album from Milan. And the couple of pics from Dusseldorf and Augsburg.