July 9th, 2008

Me 2014

Somewhere there is a place for us.

So really too busy to post. In a conference call at the moment and not paying attention like I should.

John's Grandma is still hanging in there but but isn't expected to make it through the day. Somehow I know she will pass tomorrow while I'm in Oregon and not here for him. I'm only gone for the day so hopefully things will work out.

My Mom seems to be doing pretty good. She seems "up". I won't see her till this weekend. Haven't heard from my sister as to how things are going with her. I know she is shook up over Justin moving out. I'll have to call her tonight.

I've been working on the pictures from the Tahoe Trip and need to get them posted.

Here is the group shot we took the last day.

Back to work now. Post soon!
Me 2014

My third post today about nothing.

So I just had a one on one with my boss. I had a strange almost uncomfortable discussion with him about getting married. I hadn't told him (he's in Santa Clara, I'm in Sacramento) and I guess he heard through the grapevine. He asked a whole lot of questions. He's from India and it was all new to him. So that prompted me to wonder are you all out at work?

So that calls for a poll!

Are you out at work?

It's a don't ask/don't tell situation
I'd be fired if they new.
Only on a "need to know basis"
Hell I work in a gay shop (cause I know 2 of you do!)
Rainbows flow out of my office/cube
I don't hide it