June 17th, 2008

Me 2014

The roller coaster called my life.

1.) Working the day you get married, not a good idea.
2.) Been a bit of an emotional wreck the last few days.  John got home last night to find me in the living room watching home movies and balling like a baby.  Musta been a sad sight but I needed it.
3.) I'm worthless today.   I can't think.  I'm just keeping my seat warm here at work.   Shoulda took the day off.   Oh and that 4pm meeting you just scheduled for me to attend, I don't think so.
4.) I have to leave here at 4 and pick up my Mom.   Make sure I get both bottles of oxegon so she can attend dinner.
5.) Bullets.  This is how the thoughts are rushing through my head today.   I really thought it wasn't going to be a big deal.  Stupid me.
6.) Rainbow Festival in Sacramento this weekend.   Looking forward to that should be a lot of fun.   And it's always fun to taught the protestors.

well back to looking like I am working.  Only 9 hours to go.