May 12th, 2008

Me 2014

Of Mothers Day and cooking too good.

Mothers Day went well.   Went to Sis house and made Chicken and Steak Kaboobs.   This was a recipe my Dad used to make and although he never officially gave me the recipie I was able to remember it.   Unfortunately they were too good and my Sister and Mom would not let me take any left-overs home cause they wanted them for themselves.  Kinda a bummer cause I was planning on extras for lunches.

We offically are back on weightwatchers.   Saturday we went to My Girlfriends Kitchen and made 8 meals.  These should last us 2 weeks for Dinners and leftovers for lunches.   Since I probably will be in Taiwan next week that gives John something to eat besides Mac and Cheese.

I started working on a Brochure for the business but have realized I need to take some photos of the work we have done so I can incorporate them into the brochure.

Well back to my sucky job.