May 11th, 2008


I had the dream again.

Last night I dreamed my Dad was still alive. Somehow there was a mistake and he wasn't really dead. It was so real and so vivid. I even started to worry about what we had to do with all the retirement stuff and how we paid it back. Guess it might have been triggered by my Mom calling me yesterday and stiring up a bunch a crap about my Dad's stuff. She wants to give stuff to my Nephew who just isn't mature enough yet. I'm all for them having it but they need to appreciate it first otherwise she is just throwing it away.

Today we are heading to my sisters house so I can cook dinner for my Mom and Sister.

Menu is as follows: Chicken and Steak kaboobs. Apple Taffy Salad. Potatoe Salad. Gin & Tonic.

Well that's all for now.

Oh wait almost forgot. I'm so excited my sister is getting a Pool!!! It should be done within a week. Woo Hoo.
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